Digital Notebook Method

The Digital Notebook Method streamlines the linguistic elicitation session, employing automated and semi-automated processing without the need of high-level programming skills. Through this method, the data are entered digitally, not in a physical notebook, and the output can be immediately incorporated into a database and is ready for archiving. This method is ideally used with a single speaker who is recorded with a headset microphone.


Digital Notebook Wiki – Project Wiki and GitHub page.

Overview – A brief description of the method.

Presentation – A video presentation introducing the method.

DemonstrationA video demonstration of the entire method.



Data Merger Script – The script used in the Digital Notebook Method to combine text and timecode data and output in .EAF, .TextGrid, and .TXT formats.

DEMO files – Sample audio and text files used in the YouTube DEMO, together with the Data Merger script.



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